Water Softeners and Treatment Services in Tampa, FL

Hard water is one of the biggest troubles for most homeowners living in Tampa. It causes a bad taste in water and also causes huge damage to the plumbing systems as well. Hence, experts recommend finding a solid solution to deal with the hard water in the area.

Hard water is usually loaded with many minerals such as magnesium and calcium. With time, these minerals keep on coating the interiors of most of the water-using appliances in the home. You may find dirty stains on washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers and many other expensive appliances at home. These mineral sediments can also cause huge damage to the plumbing system as well. In such situations, it is important to install water softeners and treatment equipment at your premises. It can help you to ensure healthy flow of water within your premises.

How Water Softener Works?

In technical terms, water softeners work via the process of ion exchange that helps to eliminate magnesium and calcium content from the water. Whenever hard water flows through the mineral tank, it comes in contact with the spherical resin beads. These plastic beads are generally made up of polystyrene material and they get charged with the sodium ion. Note that, these resin beads contain negative charge and on the other side, magnesium and calcium have positive charge. Hence, these anions and cations attract each other. Ultimately, the mineral ions get removed from the water and the sodium ion is automatically released. The resin strips all the hardness and allows flow of soft water to your home.

Water Softeners Benefits:

There are so many amazing benefits of having water softeners; few of them are listed below:

  • Enjoy soft, silky and clean hair.
  • Prevent stains in the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.
  • Prevent stains on clothes, washing machines, dishwasher, and dishes as well.
  • Prevent the scale of hard water.
  • Healthy drinking water.
  • Reduce the heating cost of water.
  • Improve the life of water heaters, dishwashers, icemakers, plumbing fixtures, and coffeemakers.
  • Sparkling silverware and spot-free dishes.
  • Brighter and cleaner cloths.

How to Maintain Your Water Softener:

There are a few simple steps that every homeowner needs to follow to maintain their water softener. Few of them are listed below to ease your routines and to help you avoid costly replacements:

  • Prefer to use pure salt along with the iron remover.
  • Do not add salt as long as the previously added salt is completely consumed by the tank. Once it is empty, you can refill the space with less than 2/3 full.
  • Experts advise using iron-out at least one time a year for resin bed cleaning and to maintain control valve performance.
  • It is good to clean the brine tank from time to time.

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