Common Plumbing Problems during Summer in Florida

Summer is fast approaching although there is beauty in spending our time during this season, there is a downside of summer, such as common problems that may happen at your home. One of which is a faulty plumbing system such as leaky pipes, bad water pressure, and many more.  Well, these are plumbing problems that bother your mind and increase your day-to-day stress.

Florida has over six million households, which can experience the downside effect of summer, particularly, plumbing problems. Understanding these common plumbing problems will help find possible solutions, thus reduces its possible stressful effects. Below is the list of the common plumbing problems experienced by homeowners during summer in Florida:

1. Kitchen and Bathroom Drains Clogged

Summer season is the season where most of your kitchen and bathroom is heavily used. With your children not going to school and the relatives that might visit you to spend their summer at your place, you need to prepare freshly cooked foods by utilizing your kitchen, and your bathrooms will be frequently used to cool their bodies from the hot surroundings. For these reasons, your kitchen and bathroom drain is susceptible to clogging due to the faster rate of accumulation of debris. This kitchen debris is commonly vegetable and fruit scraps, and bathroom debris is typically soap scums and hair strands. Cleaning in and around your drain will remediate such problem, but if you are not skilled in doing such, you may seek for a professional assistance.

2. Growth of Mold and Mildew

Molds and mildew thrive under moist areas. This is associated with plumbing problems at your home during summer as they become more aggressive in spreading to your piping areas and walls of your home. They are an indicator of leaky pipes which becomes more evident during warmer days as molds and mildew aggressively grow in such conditions.

3. Broken Washing Machine

Your washing machine might incur troubles due to continues use of washing machine. During summer there are a lot of clothes that you are going to wash including those used during a week of beach outing.  If your washing machine gets broken, you don’t need to go for an immediate replacement instead look for plumbing services that will give you technicians that are capable of fixing some problems which will save you from spending a lot in buying a new one. 

4. Clogged Sewer Lines

Sewers lines built underground tend to be clogged by the roots of nearby trees. As trees tend to extends its roots underground in search of food and water, its growth rate becomes faster during summer. This is a major plumbing problem that you cannot do without the help of plumbing service providers near your area

Now that you have insights on common plumbing problems, you may soon find measures on how to solve the root cause of these plumbing problems. However, if you find the plumbing issue is more than you can handle, give us a call at (813) 516-4486 to help you cool your mind with all the troubles, especially during summer.

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